We have provided this section or our international clients, colleagues and partners alike. This guide assumes a condensed 48hr visit to the fascinating capital that is Mexico City.



Mexico City is complex, urban and vast! A sprawling population of approximately 25 million the city fills a huge, former lake, bordered by mountainous peaks. Flying into the city is the best way to appreciate how Mexico City has developed into one of the world’s largest metropolitan areas.


must do'S in 24 HourS

Just 48hrs in this fascinating metropolis? Here is what we would suggest..

El Zócalo (The Square)

The Down town Historic city center of Mexico City is a must see when visiting:

  1. Embrace the largest public open space in Mexico City
  2. Take in the 360 degree historical architectural treat
  3. Take a look at Azul Histórico restaurant
  4. Visit La Catedral Metropolitana
  5. Visit some James Bond scenery at The Gran Hotel Mexico City

Paseo de la Reforma

Modeled on the great boulevards of Europe, Paseo de la Reforma is the most famous avenue in Mexico City. We recommend taking 1 hour to walk along the avenue, taking in statues, museums and architecture alike:

  1. Visit El Ángel de la Independencia, an iconic monument erected in 1910 in honor of the Mexican independence
  2. Tea at The Four Seasons, a wonderful oasis underneath the tallest building Mexico
  3. Hire a local bike, either EcoBici, the local biking scheme for a small fee or for free at a number of stands on the street
  4. G&T´s on the St Regis balcony. Superb service and views over the bustling boulevard.
  5. Pick up the TuriBus at Reforma 222

Take the Turibus

This hop-on, hop-off bus can be boarded at any pre-designated stop means you can pack in a lot of Mexico City in a short time.  This audio guided, open top bus covers 21 historical and contemporary attractions of Mexico City.

Roma Norte & Condesa

Two adjoining, beautiful neighborhoods which are walk-able from one to the other. Take a couple of hours to wander through these districts, visiting boutique coffee shops, parks, art galleries and great restaurants. Our recommended To Do´s:

  1. Visit Amsterdam. Originally an old horse race track, now an upmarket residential street in Condesa
  2. Walk down Alvaro Obregón. The main avenue through Roma Norte.
  3. Take a cool drink on the rooftop of Hotel Condesa.
  4. Walk through Parque Mexico. Popular with the locals, stroll through and enjoy the sites and sounds of Mexico

Chapultepec Castle & The National Anthropology Museum

Opposite each other, Chapultepec Park is a huge park in the center of Mexico City complete with Zoo, historic castle and boating lake.  Across the road take in a world-class facility (Closed Mondays) boasting artifacts from Olmec and Mayan civilizations to Tenochtitlán.


our favourite restaurants

In no particular order, we are happy to say our team have eaten (perhaps too much) in and recommend the following Mexico City restaurants:


Petrarca 254,
Polanco V Secc. 1156
Ciudad de México

T. 55 45 4111 | 55 45 3507

Rosetta Restaurant

Colima 166,
Ciudad de México
T. 5533 7804 | 5533 8346

Rosetta Coffee and Cakes

Havre 73,
Ciudad de México
T. 5207 7065

Blanco Colima


Colima 168,
Roma Norte,
Ciudad de México
T. 5511 7526 | 5511 7527

Maximo Bistrot

Tonalá 133,
Roma Norte
Ciudad de México
T. 5264 4291


Zacatecas 173,
Roma Norte
Ciudad de México
T. 5564 3388



Uber is a safe, clean and very cheap way of getting around. On your trip, Ask for a free bottle of water

Locals will really appreciate you making the effort. Con permiso & disculpe: physical & non physical excuse me.

Mexico City is a gritty urban experience. Stay street smart and be sensible when out and about. Keep valuables out of sight.

Buen Provecho! Mexican food is varied, referencing, European, Pre Hispanic, American and Latin influences. Try some tacos

In town longer? 40 mins South is Coyoacán, a beautiful, rustic town engulfed by Mexico City. Visit The Frida Kahlo Museum.

If you're extending your stay, head to UNESCO World Heritage site and take in the Pre Hispanic Pyramids. Arrive early.

If you fancy a treat, head to The Four Seasons for brunch on Sunday; a culinary delight which you won´t regret. Book ahead.

Unearthed in 1976, the ruins and museum illustrate the variety and splendor of the Aztec Empire. Free on Sundays.

An up market area in the center of the city, great for exploring and shopping. Visit Parque Lincoln.

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