JON International is committed to quality in everything we do. Management will actively and visibly demonstrate commitment to quality by regularly:


  • Ensuring our company ethos of exceeding expectations can be delivered by training,encouragement and support of our teams across the business

  • Ensuring that all employees of JON International understand and implement our quality procedures.

  • On-going training in best practice within our sector and business practice as applicable to our sectors

  • Initiating, managing and following up on our quality system, continually improving it as situations arise.



Our objectives for quality are simple. JON International strives to exceed our customer needs and expectations. We strive to be known for innovation, safety and professionalism by:


  • Ensuring that our people fully understand the quality required and ensure those are consistent with our corporate policies.

  • Not accepting substandard quality or wasted resources in any part of our organization.

  • Providing adequate training and resources to support our quality system development and implementation.

  • Management will emphasize to ensure  that our quality system is understood, implemented and maintained during all stages of design and delivery as well as within our firm.



We endeavor to be known for excellent service and customer satisfaction through:


  • On-going communication with our clients to ensure that we meet their expectations.

  • Post- project analysis based on client feedback

  • A good document control system with continual review and improvement.

  • Providing adequate resources to develop and maintain our quality control system.

  • Design and document reviews by senior

  • members of the firm to prevent quality problems from occurring, and resolving problems quickly and cost-effectively when they do.



JON International is committed to providing the necessary resources, time, and effort to see that our quality policy meets our goals and objectives of exceeding client expectations